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We perform various iron/metal jobs, using state-of-the-art machinery. This way we offer a wide range of products in all areas.

We have installed a all new and innovative manufacturing unit highly equipped, with fully automatic robotized lines. This new technology allows us produce a totally new and unbeatable offer on the market.

Performing any type of metalwork, from the execution, to the treatment and painting or lacquering, thanks to an experienced team, which gives the customer guarantees of a quality end product.

Manufacture doors, windows, structures, security and fire doors, automatic sectional gates and metallic structures in general, as well as elements in the area of decoration, in the construction of industrial equipment and in the construction of facades of large contracts.

We have for sure the solution that fits your needs and gives the security and confidence you want.

Logotipo SWR Glass Building

SWRGB Glass Building, Lda

Estrada da Pola, nº 4

6230-027 Alcaria

Fundão, Portugal


+351 275 094 947


Monday 08:30H - Friday 18:00H

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