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It is possible to use glass for a wide variety of purposes and shape it as needed. Its widely recognized properties give it a prominent place in the creation and vertical integration of window frames solutions for creating products such as: windows, doors, walkways, roofs, polybans, resquardos, among many others.

Being a product of excellence, properly used provides elegance, economy and safety, besides being an ecological material, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

We work with the most diverse types of glass, with certified quality that guarantee a final product of excellence, according to the client expectations: Double Glass, Tempered, Colored, Laminated, Screenprinted, Mirrors, Anti-bullet, and others.

Have an assembled structure that allows us respond to the most diverse requests and a specialized team in production and assembly of all types of glass for the whole world.

Also have in our manufacturing unit, machines and robotic equipment for the production of curved glass of large angle and dimensions.

Logotipo SWR Glass Building

SWRGB Glass Building, Lda

Estrada da Pola, nº 4

6230-027 Alcaria

Fundão, Portugal


+351 275 094 947


Monday 08:30H - Friday 18:00H

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